Editeded back. Introduction

Roadcrew Worker is a job in the PERP roleplay gamemode. Roadcrew worker is usually restricted to VIPs/Donators on most PERP servers. The roadcrew worker is a government offical and has use of the Government Radio Voice and Text chat. The roadcrew worker is able to spawn and operate a tow truck. The truck has a max speed of ~25-30MPH and is equiped with yellow siren lights. The tow truck is also equiped with a hook and winch operating system, allowing the roadcrew worked to hook up and tow other player's vehicles. Once a vehicle is on the winch, it can only be removed by the roadcrew worker.

The Roadcrew Worker's responsibility is to tow abondoned, badly parked, destroyed, warrented or disabled vehicles and keep the roads clear of obstructions. The tow truck driver can tow hook the winch up to any vehcile and use their truck to tow it. Though it varries from server to server, the Roadcrew Worker usually tows the vehicles to the MTL HQ or the small Junkyard. On most servers, it is against the rules and considered failRP to spawn a vehicle you know has been towed. The roadcrew worker is usually allowed to charge players a fee to have their car un-impounded. The roadcrew worker should tow any vehicle that is not properly parked, has been desroyed, has been disabled or is owned by a wanted player and police, mayor, or any other government offical has requested that it be towed. Roadcrew workers CAN tow government vehicles but should avoid doing so unless absolutely neccesar

Pressing E/use at the back of the truck at the power box, will lower the hook, and extend the chain. You can then pick up the hook either with your fists out (hard) or with your gravity gun (easy), drag the hook to a vech and it will attach it self. 

Pressing use again on the power box will retract the cable. 

To release the hook from the car, you need to aim at it, and press use once more.

A Gravity gun can also pull the hook from the car, but it will reattach very easily.